Sunday, November 16, 2008

The Buck, er Blog, Stops Here

On Saturday October 4, Heidi and I visited White Oak Vineyards in Elkhart, Prairie Moon Winery in Ames, and Snus Hill Winery in Madrid. We learned some things, we tasted wines, I took some pictures.

Today is November 16. I have been postponing updating the blog all this time because it takes a lot of time and it seems completely futile. I'm the only audience. In nearly a year, the blog hasn't gotten one comment from an outside person who's happened upon it. No comments even from our adventure with Chuck, though I know he read his entry, enjoyed it, and passed it along to family. No comment from the winery guy who asked me to let him know what the URL was. (Nor from anyone else at the wineries where we've mentioned doing a blog -- why aren't they curious to know what we're saying?) In nearly a year, I haven't been able to entice my partner-in-crime to explore the blog and add her own thoughts and comments. Not even once.

So, I'll try to keep up with the list of wineries we visit, but I'm not going to add any more details. We'll see if this makes me feel guilty enough to start up again. I think not.